Who we are

The Face-Oil project is a partnership between the MAPP center at Aarhus University in Denmark and Sfax University in Tunisia aiming at promoting Tunisian’s flagship product, the olive oil.


Face-Oil project gives you the opportunity to discover best olive oil marketing practices, stay up-to-date on our latest research findings, and assist to workshops and international conferences that will be held in Tunisia.


The FACE-OIL project aims mainly to contribute to the development of marketing strategies that will enhance exports of Tunisian branded olive oil. Along, other several objectives occur:

  • Analyze consumer preferences for olive oil product attributes in key markets (the USA, Denmark, France and Tunisia).Suggest marketing strategies to enhance exports of Tunisian branded olive oil.
  • Provide research training workshop in food marketing and consumer behavior theories and methods to Tunisian researchers who can take advantage of the expertise of the project team.
  • Disseminate knowledge and studies’ results to key stakeholders in the Tunisian olive oil industry.

Meet the Team